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Jessie Nok Wai Hui

emerging painter
from Hong Kong
on Kaurna land (Adelaide)

Self-care has been a major theme in her practice. Exploring thoughts and experiences on grief, love, and impermanence in everyday living, Hui attempts to create dreamscapes where her mind can wander, rest and process in these private imaginary spaces. They are chaotic, heavy, quiet and joyful, reflecting Hui's ever-changing inner and outer worlds. Her acrylic paintings are colourful, animated and often ambiguous yet filled with symbols and metaphors.







Selected paintings from 2020

In the Passage of time (honours project)
series of 3, 86 x 210 cm / 93 x 133 cm / 86 x 210 cm, oil on canvas, 2020.

Moon Phases
series of 5, 55 x 75 cm, ink on paper, 2020.

Honours project studies
 acrylic on canvas, 2020.