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Jessie Nok Wai Hui

emerging painter
from Hong Kong
on Kaurna land (Adelaide)

Self-care has been a major theme in her practice. Exploring thoughts and experiences on grief, love, and impermanence in everyday living, Hui attempts to create dreamscapes where her mind can wander, rest and process in these private imaginary spaces. They are chaotic, heavy, quiet and joyful, reflecting Hui's ever-changing inner and outer worlds. Her acrylic paintings are colourful, animated and often ambiguous yet filled with symbols and metaphors.







Sent and Received

Solo Show at Collective Haunt Inc in SALA 2023

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1. You said 'don't miss me' but i'm gonna 你話唔好掛念你但我會, 92 x 76 cm, acrylic on canvas.

2. Mine and yours.. 我和你的.., 92 x 76 cm, acrylic on canvas.

3. Long living noodles 長壽麵, 51 x 41 cm, acrylic on canvas.

4. In front of the lift, 92 x 76 cm, acrylic on canvas.

5. Tea time 不如沖啲茶飲, 51 x 41 cm, acrylic on canvas.

6. Far far away 遙遠的, 92 x 76 cm, acrylic on canvas.

7. Hellos and Goodbyes 哈囉和拜拜, 92 x 76 cm, acrylic on canvas.

Exhibition Text 

The solo show Sent and Received by Jessie Hui exhibits her new body of paintings. The 7 blue dreamscapes examine family reunion and parting, inspired by her last visit to Hong Kong. Hui visualises her mixed feelings of bliss and grief from Lunar New Years celebration and mourning for deceased family member into a series of illustrative work. The dreamscapes are her chaotic mental space where Hui contemplates on opposing ideas on living and death and the joy andheart breaks that comes along with the transitory state of being.

Crying helps Hui to recognise and to address these inescapable issues as tears unfold Hui's unaware feelings and its meaning from the unconscious to her conscience mind, which Hui believes other strong emotions would function similarly. While expressing feelings between the family, tears, laughter and other bodily expression turn into a subtle and blurred form of communication where feelings became visible and physical. Although reasons of such emotions might not be fully recognised nor understood, Hui thinks these obscure feelings are still partly transmitted and are responded with other gestures. The body of work is an attempt to represent the opposite state of being and emotions within Hui's inner self and between her family member.

Hui's storytelling work is loose and heavy, calming and crowded. The contrast between opaque and transparent paint, filled and emptied canvas space, dark and bright colours emphasise the two opposing feelings and two states of being. Sent and Received is Hui's dynamic journey travelling between memories of bliss and grief, reunion and parting.

本次許諾蔚的個人畫展名為寄情於水。許以今年回港過農曆新年的經歷和感受為靈感,把喜慶和哀 悼這兩極的情緒轉化成本系列的畫作,去紀錄面對家庭中生死散聚時百感交集的體驗。本系列七幅 塑膠彩布本作品以藍色為主色,描繪了許混亂多變的內心世界,亦反映出許和家人之間情緒的互 動。作為一個眼淺的人,哭泣對許來說除了是發洩,更是一個正視內心的窗口,去覺察和反思情緒 背後的成因和意義,同樣地,其他強烈的情緒也有著相同作用。許認為家人之間的情緒表露是一種 不能言喻、模糊的溝通,像是流淚、笑聲和身體接觸等肢體語言間接地傳遞了許或他家人部分的意念,即使對方未必能夠完全理解和掌握情緒的複雜性和其成因,許認為他和他家人仍然接收到這些含糊的情緒,繼而作出回應或不回應。因此,許嘗試於作品表現出悲喜交集、動與靜等兩極化的感受,並描述情緒的轉變、傳遞和接收的過程。本系列用鈷藍色和畫布原始的米色為主色,透過使用透明度、深淺色的對比、具象的象徵如眼淚、花瓣及日常生活用品去紀錄許與家人互動的回憶。