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Jessie Nok Wai Hui

emerging painter
from Hong Kong
on Kaurna land (Adelaide)

Self-care has been a major theme in her practice. Exploring thoughts and experiences on grief, love, and impermanence in everyday living, Hui attempts to create dreamscapes where her mind can wander, rest and process in these private imaginary spaces. They are chaotic, heavy, quiet and joyful, reflecting Hui's ever-changing inner and outer worlds. Her acrylic paintings are colourful, animated and often ambiguous yet filled with symbols and metaphors.







i’m taking my time

4th April - 4th May

solo show at Praxis Artspace

go to my instagram for more photos <3


Treat your belly!, 2024, acrylic on canvas, 51 x 61 cm.

First Aid, 2024, acrylic on canvas, 55 x 55 cm.

Exhibition Text 

Jessie Hui's new body of work explores the process of wellness and self-love. Hui paints the healing journey from a third-person perspective, where her work narrates the struggles and progress of a cat in its quest to find peace. Telling the story of an animated cat, Hui's absence from the work allows viewers and herself to examine the personal experience from a distance, from a God's angle with more clarity and rationality.

Each painting presents a different snapshot of the journey, travelling through the ups and downs of the physical and mental worlds. From outdoor adventures with social groups to a confrontation with one's mind and soul in solitude, the cat is finding ways to heal and it surely takes time to be aware and to feel at ease with one's self.

*In simple words,
the paintings are about how to feel better; what can we do to care for ourselves? While ‘First Aid’, this particular work sums up the tools and possible answers to these questions, each of the other 9 paintings explore physical and mental aids that Hui finds relatable, such as introspection (having some me time~) and to socialise (hang out with people time~). 

The titles tell a little more about the specific tools to feel better that are represented in imaginary scenes of cats, for instance, Treat your belly! is about comfort food! And other works like Second Opinion, Gut Feeling, Companion etc, (quite self-explanatory I guess).

You might ask, why cats? Other than Hui being a cat person, she is inspired by cat memes and funny animal posts seen on social media. They instantly made her feel better :’).

Moreover, influenced by anime, comics, video games, Hui introduces the colourful and flat characteristics into her paintings, paying tributes to all the beautiful, fun creations that accompanied Hui’s daily living. :) :)